Tay Harmony

Tay Harmony, Born Aerin Latayza Adams, first began her music career in 2010, when a friend from high school (Elmont Memorial High School)

“Davinchi Mcveigh” encouraged her to stop messing around during random freestlye battles in the hallways and on Facebook, and to get in the studio and record! Knowing it had always been a passion of hers to write, but not being confident enough to step behind a mic, that encouragement from ‘Mcveigh’ and other peers motivated Harmony to record her first ever song “There’s A War Going on Outside” in an Elmont basement studio with a group called “MTTB”. Tay Harmony croons about the worsening climate of black life in America and the struggles for a better life accompanied by a classic hip hop beat produced by CheckMate records (aka Elijah’s uncle) and rap duo MTTB. Although never commercially released, This song was the blueprint to Tay Harmony’s delivery of messages within her artistry. After graduating from Elmont High in 2012, Tay went on to work as a supervisor at Domestic Violence and Homeless Shelters in NYC while writing music for herself and others behind the scenes. This work inspired many fan favorites such as “Can I Live, Olympics, and Soulful” while personal life changes inspired other classic songs like “One, My Father, Made Me This Way, and Hennessy” as well as newer songs like Cold Heart and AFLOAT”. Once things came to a head in New York City for Tay Harmony and her family sold her childhood home of 20+ years for an upgrade in Charlotte, Tay found a home in Dallas Texas where she is studying for a degree in Recording Arts and Music Engineering and anticipating her official launch of 24 hour radio broadcasting of O3Radio! O3 Radio is a staton under *O3Radio Entertainment Ltd. Co* which will be based around local artists from Elmont, Long Island with advertisments centered around uplifting and supporting black businesses and entrepreneurship from Elmont Memorial Alumni and residents of the town. Other well known artists both mainstream and underground will be featured with mixes of Classic Hip Hop, R&B both new-school and old-school, Trap and Drill sounds throughout the day. Tay Harmony hopes to work with more new and veteran artists and to release her own debut album by 2023 to commercial success. For now, the future is looking bright for Tay Harmony, so be sure to keep your eye out for the growth that is ever-so abundant for the O3 Queen.


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