Born and raised in New York, ChaaTaza has already built a career as a multi-faceted artist.He is one of the founders of Lost Tribez and a pioneer in independent music.

ChaaTaza is a self-taught music producer and audio engineer who learned to use a drum machine and art of sampling instruments, write, produce, and manage all while fighting on the front lines for black Hispanics and native Indians as a priest and Captain in the ISUPK under COMMANDING GENERAL YAHANNA est. 1969. After releasing his very first mixtape in 2014 on Datpiff, Chaataza began to get noticed by his industry peers and sparked his brothers into rekindling their own music careers.

Subsequently ChaaTaza created another project co staring King Tah ,”Black Renaissance” also known as “No Crackers Allowed” in 2017.This was followed up by an Ep. “Ineffable” and debut album “A peculiar Nigga waters of life and hard liquor”2021.

ChaaTaza wishes to be the arrow head of a revolution that revolts against the mainstream media , radio, and record companies who promote negative images of his people all while profiting off of our death.In the same breath pushing a message of independence and self ownership for artist to control their own careers and narrative.


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